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Shame (1968)

Shame 1968 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman (Available on FilmStruck) The last thing I expect from a Bergman film is explosion. Preciously, an explosion from bombing. But never say never, in Shame Bergman surprises me by making a war film with actual explosions and machine gun shooting. But nope, don’t expect the Hollywood type of heroic patriotism,… Continue reading Shame (1968)

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Ingmar Bergman: Part 3 (1957-66)

Ingmar Bergman: Part 3 (1957-60) Bergman100 (Letterboxd) 17. The Seventh Seal (1957) – Criterion Like the majority I believe, my gateway to art-house world cinema (which is non-Chinese and non-English films) are Ingmar Bergman, alongside with Kurosawa, Truffaut and Godard, all credit goes to Janus Film/Criterion Collection. Hence it’s not a surprise that The Seventh Seal is… Continue reading Ingmar Bergman: Part 3 (1957-66)

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#321 The Virgin Spring (1960)

#321 The Virgin Spring 1960 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman Criterion Collection (LINK) In The Virgin Spring, there’s one scene that has branded in my mind ever since I watched the film the first time a decade ago. No, I’m not talking about the realistically horrifying rape scene, it’s excruciating in its own right but it looks relatively “tame”… Continue reading #321 The Virgin Spring (1960)

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#537 The Magician (1958)

#537 The Magician 1958 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman Criterion Collection (LINK) In his works Bergman has persistently explored the relationship between creator and creation, performer and audience. During the process he devours his own fear of humiliation and unpurposefulness by projecting them onscreen, inflicting them on the main protagonists, I believe it’s kind of therapeutic… Continue reading #537 The Magician (1958)

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#139 Wild Strawberries (1957)

#139 Wild Strawberries 1957 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman Criterion Collection (LINK) Death materialized and winded up playing chess with its prey in The Seventh Seal (1957). Death ultimately won. While The Seventh Seal tackles with the fear of mortality and living in emptiness in an allegorical and religious fashion, Ingmar Bergman’s next cinematic venture, the Wild Strawberries, holds up a mirror… Continue reading #139 Wild Strawberries (1957)