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The Great Duel 大殺陣 (1964)

The Great Duel 大殺陣 1964 // Japan // Eiichi Kudo THE GREAT DUEL is the second of Eiichi Kudo’s “Samurai Revolution Trilogy” after THE THIRTEEN ASSASSINS (1963) and followed by ELEVEN SAMURAI (1967), it’s also my first encounter of Kudo’s film. Overall it is quite an enjoyment. The first response comes to my mind while… Continue reading The Great Duel 大殺陣 (1964)

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#753 The Thin Blue Line (1988)

#753 The Thin Blue Line 1988 // USA // Errol Morris Criterion Collection (LINK) The “thin blue line” is the phase that, as a prosecutor explained during his interview amid the film, denotes the role of police in separating society from “anarchy”. Conversely, Errol Morris’s 1988 monumental documentary THE THIN BLUE LINE attempts to reconfigure a… Continue reading #753 The Thin Blue Line (1988)

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Blood End 天狗党 (1969)

Blood End 天狗党 1969 // Japan // Satsuo Yamamoto It’s such a charming coincidence that I watched Kihachi Okamoto‘s Red Lion (1969) and Satsuo Yamamoto’s Blood End back to back without knowing how similar these two films are. Both released in 1969 (amid a chaotic political landscape after the worldwide 1968 protest movement) and largely told from a… Continue reading Blood End 天狗党 (1969)

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Red Lion 赤毛 (1969)

Red Lion 赤毛 1969 // Japan // Kihachi Okamoto Red Lion is an unevenly executed samurai film which seems to get lost in between the comedic tone and the leftist political statement. The story took place at the end of the Edo period where the ruling of Tokugawa Shogunate was up against the Imperial Restoration Force. Gonzo, played… Continue reading Red Lion 赤毛 (1969)

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The Deer Hunter (1978)

The Deer Hunter 1978 // USA // Michael Cimino To address the elephant in the room first, here’s the link of an article written by Steven Biel who eloquently laid out both sides of argument regarding the political, racist issues of The Deer Hunter. I recommend anyone to have a read first, especially if you think the film… Continue reading The Deer Hunter (1978)

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Destiny’s Son 斬る (1962)

Destiny’s Son 斬る 1962 // Japan // Kenji Misumi   Kenji Misumi is best remembered for the chanbara “samurai films” like The Tale of Zatoichi (1962) and Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972). The former is released in the same year with Destiny’s Son (also known as Kiru which literally means “chop” or “slash” in English). The… Continue reading Destiny’s Son 斬る (1962)