Criterion Collection · Summary

Summary of Criterion Challenge Phase 01


My “Criterion Challenge Phase 01”  is ended with the acknowledgment of the Letter Never Sent. In order to have a quick look-back before indulging on the next set of films, I’m gonna credit the pictures, including associated casts and crews, with categories of “Best” awards. These are personal choices so feel free to object (or preferably agree) with me!

The awards go to…
Best Criterion Release: Persona
Best Cover: Paris, Texas
Best Picture: Persona
Best Director: Ingmar Bergman (Persona) & Jean Renoir (Grand Illusion) – tied
Best Lead Actor: Carlo Battisti (Umberto D.)
Best Lead Actress: Bibi Andersson (Persona)
Best Supporting Actor/Actress: Erich von Stroheim (Grand Illusion)
Best Screenplay: Sam Shepard (Paris, Texas)
Best Cinematography: Sven Nykvist (Cries and Whispers) & Sergei Urusevsky (Letter Never Sent) – tied
Best Editing: Ulla Ryghe (Persona)
Best Music Score: Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas)


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