Year Best

Year Best: 1920s


  1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene // Germany)
  2. One Week (Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton // USA)
  3. The Scarecrow (Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton // USA)

Honorable Mention:

Neighbors (Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton) ; Way Down East (D.W. Griffith)


  1. The Kid (Charles Chaplin // USA)
  2. The Phantom Carriage (Victor Sjöström // Sweden)
  3. Destiny (Fritz Lang // Germany)
  4. The ‘High Sign’ (Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton // USA)
  5. The Goat (Buster Keaton, Malcolm St. Clair // USA)
  6. The Idle Class (Charles Chaplin // USA)

Honorable Mention:

The Boat (Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton); Orphans of the Storm (D.W. Griffith)



  1. Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau // Germany)
  2. Nanook of the North (Robert J. Flaherty // USA)
  3. Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (Fritz Lang // Germany)

Honorable Mention:

Foolish Wives (Erich von Stroheim); Cops (Buster Keaton);  Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (Benjamin Christensen); Phantom (F.W. Murnau // Germany)



  1. Safety Last! (Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor // USA)
  2. La Roue (Abel Gance // France)
  3. Our Hospitality (Buster Keaton // USA)

Honorable Mention:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Wallace Worsley // USA); A Woman of Paris (Charles Chaplin)



  1. The Last Laugh (F.W. Murnau // Germany)
  2. Sherlock, Jr. (Buster Keaton // USA)
  3. Die Nibelungen: Siegfried (Fritz Lang // Germany)
  4. He Who Gets Slapped (Victor Sjöström // USA)
  5. Greed (Erich von Stroheim // USA)
  6. Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild’s Revenge (Fritz Lang // Germany)
  7. The Great White Silence (Herbert Ponting // UK)
  8. The Navigator (Buster Keaton // USA)
  9. L’inhumaine (Marcel L’Herbier // France)
  10. Michael (Carl Th. Dreyer // Germany)

Honorable Mention:

Entr’acte (René Clair); The Iron Horse (John Ford); Kino Eye (Dziga Vertov); Paris Asleep (René Clair); The Thief of Bagdad (Raoul Walsh)



  1. Battleship Potemkin (Sergei M. Eisenstein // Soviet Union)
  2. The Gold Rush (Charles Chaplin // USA)
  3. The Big Parade (King Vidor // USA)
  4. Seven Chances (Buster Keaton // USA)
  5. Variety (E.A. Dupont // Germany)
  6. Strike (Sergei M. Eisenstein // Soviet Union)

Honorable Mention:

The Freshman (Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor); Go West (Buster Keaton); Master of the House (Carl Theodor Dreyer); The Phantom of the Opera (Rupert Julian); Tartuffe (F.W. Murnau)



  1. The General (Buster Keaton // USA)
  2. Faust (F.W. Murnau // Germany)
  3. Mother (Vsevolod Pudovkin // Soviet Union)
  4. Ménilmontant (Dimitri Kirsanoff // France)
  5. The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Lotte Reiniger // Germany)

Honorable Mention:

By the Law (Lev Kuleshov); A Page of Madness (Teinosuke Kinugasa); 3 Bad Men (John Ford)



  1. Metropolis (Fritz Lang // Germany)
  2. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (F.W. Murnau // USA)
  3. Napoleon (Abel Gance // France)
  4. The Unknown (Tod Browning // USA)
  5. Underworld (Josef von Sternberg // USA)
  6. Wings (William A. Wellman // USA)

Honorable Mention:

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (Walter Ruttmann);  The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (Alfred Hitchcock); The Love of Jeanne Ney (G.W. Pabst); 7th Heaven (Frank Borzage)

Out of the list:

The King of Kings (Cecil B. DeMille)



  1. The Passion of Joan of Arc (Carl Theodor Dreyer // France)
  2. The Crowd (King Vidor // USA)
  3. The Cameraman (Buster Keaton // USA)
  4. The Wind (Victor Sjöström // USA)
  5. The Last Command (Josef von Sternberg // USA)
  6. Underground (Anthony Asquith // UK)
  7. The Circus (Charles Chaplin // USA)
  8. Zvenigora (Aleksandr Dovzhenko // Soviet Union)
  9. Spione (Fritz Lang // Germany)
  10. L’argent (Marcel L’Herbier // France)
  11. Shooting Stars (Anthony Asquith, A.V. Bramble // UK)
  12. Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Buster Keaton // USA)
  13. Speedy (Ted Wilde // USA)
  14. Lonesome (Pál Fejős // USA)

Honorable Mention:

The Docks of New York (Josef von Sternberg); Four Sons (John Ford); The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra (Robert Florey, Slavko Vorkapich); The Little Match Girl (Jean Renoir); October (Sergei M. Eisenstein); Storm Over Asia (Vsevolod Pudovkin); The Wedding March (Erich von Stroheim)



  1. Un Chien Andalou (Luis Buñuel // France)
  2. Man with a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov // Soviet Union)
  3. A Cottage on Dartmoor (Anthony Asquith // UK)
  4. Rain (Joris Ivens, Mannus Franken // Netherlands)
  5. Pandora’s Box (Georg Wilhelm Pabst // Germany)

Honorable Mention:

Arsenal (Aleksandr Dovzhenko); Asphalt (Joe May); Blackmail (Alfred Hitchcock); Diary of a Lost Girl (G.W. Pabst); The General Line (Sergei Eisenstein); The Love Parade (Ernst Lubitsch); Lucky Star (Frank Borzage); Queen Kelly (Erich von Stroheim); Woman in the Moon (Fritz Lang)

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