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#852 Black Girl (1966)

#852 Black Girl 1966 // Senegal, France // Ousmane Sembène Criterion Collection (LINK) Cinema is more than a hundred years old now, it has been used as a propaganda tools, representative voices of the oppressed and the minority, or simply as an escapist entertainment. Beyond the functionality, cinema also represents a nationality or a continuation of anthropology. Cinema, arts… Continue reading #852 Black Girl (1966)

Drama · Religion · Silent Film · United States

#266 The King of Kings (1927)

#266 The King of Kings 1927 // USA // Cecil B. DeMille Criterion Collection (LINK) The King of Kings, literally known as Jesus of Nazareth, is one of the numerous film adaptions of the New Testament ever been made in Hollywood, and certainly will continue in production as long as the number of Christian audience (and the amount… Continue reading #266 The King of Kings (1927)

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#662 Safety Last (1923)

#662 Safety Last! 1923 // USA // Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor Criterion Collection (LINK) There are three giants of silent film comedians, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton invariably competing for the first spot, while the spectacled, collage-boy-looking Harold Lloyd seems to be consistently deemed as the least among them. It’s unfair for me to… Continue reading #662 Safety Last (1923)

Criterion Collection · Drama · Germany · LGBT

#851 Fox and His Friends (1975)

#851 Fox and His Friends 1975 // Germany // Rainer Werner Fassbinder Criterion Collection (LINK) Provocative, but at times elusive, West German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s oeuvre is both quantitatively and qualitatively remarkable in his short of forty years life span. Fox and His Friend is more or less situated in the middle of his oeuvre,… Continue reading #851 Fox and His Friends (1975)

Adaptation · Criterion Collection · Independent Films · Romance · United States · Violence

#850 Something Wild (1961)

#850 Something Wild 1961 // USA // Jack Garfein Criterion Collection (LINK) Something Wild is the kind of film that one hardly heard of before, let alone watch it. But once you discover it, you would feel terribly sorry for its lack of recognition. Released in 1961 as one of the very first American independent film… Continue reading #850 Something Wild (1961)

Criterion Collection · Documentary

#33 Nanook of the North (1922)

#33 Nanook of the North (1922) 1922 // USA // Robert Flaherty Criterion Collection (LINK) Nanook of the North is the kind of film that its perpetual reputation and formidable status in cinema history indeed eclipse the film itself. Released in 1922 with rave reviews, it continues to dazzle film critics in the 21st century, recently ranked at… Continue reading #33 Nanook of the North (1922)

Adaptation · Comedy · United States

#849 His Girl Friday (1940)

#849 His Girl Friday 1940 // USA // Howard Hawks Criterion Collection (LINK) Watching, and “listening” to, Howard Hawks’ fast paced, hilariously acted, snappily written screwball comedy His Girl Friday is an exhilarating experience, perhaps even close to excruciating if English is not your native language. It’s quite an audacious challenge to catch up with… Continue reading #849 His Girl Friday (1940)