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#182 Straw Dogs (1971)

#182 Straw Dogs 1971 // USA // Sam Peckinpah Criterion Collection (LINK) How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Acknowledge the Violence Once in a while, a film would emerge and shock me in complete awe with its depiction of ultra-violence and its lack of moral restraint. Sam Peckinpah’s controversial rape-and-home-invasion “horror” film Straw Dogs definitely belongs… Continue reading #182 Straw Dogs (1971)

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#885 The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927)

#885 The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog 1927 // UK // Alfred Hitchcock Criterion Collection (LINK) The Lodger has been a fun and enthralling film to watch but not so much an exploratory film to be reviewed of since almost every scene has been thoroughly analysed by the critics in view of the recurring Hitchcockian elements… Continue reading #885 The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1927)

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#650 A Man Escaped (1956)

Robert Bresson, The Sublime Minimalist Part 4 #650 A Man Escaped 1956 // France // Robert Bresson Criterion Collection (LINK) Hands over the Prison If there’s a film to epitomize the style of Bresson, the “Bressonian” as oft-cited, I would pick A Man Escaped without hesitation. It’s the fourth feature film directed by Bresson and the… Continue reading #650 A Man Escaped (1956)

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#884 César (1936)

#884 César 1936 // France // Marcel Pagnol Criterion Collection (LINK) The third and the finale of Marcel Pagnol’s Marseille Trilogy unsurprisingly, following the optimistic and airy vibe of Fanny (1932), ends the upheaval story of three generations in a happy note. This time instead of transposing his own theatrical play onto the screen, Pagnol produced César solely for… Continue reading #884 César (1936)

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#883 Fanny (1932)

#883 Fanny 1932 // France // Marc Allégret Criterion Collection (LINK) Most of my complaints on Marius (1931) are kind of resolved in it’s sequel Fanny, which I find to be more engaging and compelling in its visual and narrative terms. Still the film retains some of the residue of a “canned theatre”, the prolonged conversations still going… Continue reading #883 Fanny (1932)

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#882 Marius (1931)

#882 Marius 1931 // France // Alexander Korda Criterion Collection (LINK) I have been hesitated with the intention of reviewing Marius the film alone before complete The Marseille Trilogy, since often, alongside with Fanny (1932) and César (1936), it is reviewed as an entirety of a trilogy rather than individually. Eventually I resisted the temptation to indulge into Fanny after… Continue reading #882 Marius (1931)

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#880 They Live By Night (1948)

#880 They Live By Night 1948 // USA // Nicholas Ray Criterion Collection (LINK) The Beginning of an Outsider Nicholas Ray’s debut feature They Live By Night starts by showing a boy and a girl enjoying themselves in a cheerful and romantic mode, with an overlapping statement “This boy … and this girl … were never properly introduced… Continue reading #880 They Live By Night (1948)