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#320 Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

#320 Young Mr. Lincoln 1939 // USA // John Ford Criterion Collection (LINK) It’s apparent the recent release of Criterion catalogue has a political agenda, the high-school political satire in Election (1999), and the self (narcissistic) portrait of the Ugandan dictator in General Idi Amin Dada (1974), both highlights year 2017 as the beginning of the… Continue reading #320 Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

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Year Best: 1910s

1912 The Cameraman’s Revenge (Wladyslaw Starewicz // Russia) 1913 Ingeborg Holm (Victor Sjöström // Sweden) Suspense (Phillips Smalley, Lois Weber // USA) Honorable Mention: Fantômas (Louis Feuillade) 1914 The Mysterious X (Benjamin Christensen // Denmark) Cabiria (Giovanni Pastrone // Italy) 1915 Les Vampires (Louis Feuillade // France) 1916 Intolerance (D.W. Griffith // USA) One A.M.… Continue reading Year Best: 1910s

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#904 Election (1999)

#904 Election 1999 // USA // Alexander Payne Criterion Collection (LINK) It’s an incredible fun to watch Election, a political satire that highlights eloquently and hilariously the absurdities in unethical politics and immoral personal issues; yet it’s extremely sorrowful that Election is also a recount as well as a presage of the political landscape in a… Continue reading #904 Election (1999)

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#160 À nous la liberté (1931)

#160 À nous la liberté 1931 // France // René Clair Criterion Collection (LINK) What’s freedom? At one point during the film, we hear the children voice singing “work is liberty” because, as it self-explained paradoxically, “work is mandatory.” In René Clair lyrically crafted musical comedy À nous la liberté, the factory workers of a gramophone manufacturer, owned… Continue reading #160 À nous la liberté (1931)

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A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era (1957)

Yuzo Kawashima Part 4: A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era (Yuzo Kawashima, 1957) Ranked the forth place in the Kinema Junpo’s Greatest Japanese Films Poll in 2009 (5th in 1999), A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era is still very much underappreciated outside Japan. Thankfully a splendid restoration has been distributed in the west in recent… Continue reading A Sun-Tribe Myth from the Bakumatsu Era (1957)

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The Graceful Brute (1962)

Yuzo Kawashima Part 3: The Graceful Brute (Yuzo Kawashima, 1962) After only watched four-and-a-half film (the half part comes from a co-direction credit with Mikio Naruse) directed by Yuzo Kawashima, I could say he’s the most criminally underseen director, at least outside his home country. The Graceful Brute, one of his last efforts before his untimely death, is… Continue reading The Graceful Brute (1962)