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#854 The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978)

#854 The Tree of Wooden Clogs 1978 // Italy // Ermanno Olmi Criterion Collection (LINK) Ermanno Olmi’s 1978 Palme d’or winning film The Tree of Wooden Clogs is a three hour epic masterpiece that have been largely sidelined in the discussion of Italian cinema. It has not been forgotten for sure, the major awards it earned… Continue reading #854 The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978)

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#817 Le amiche (1955)

#817 Le amiche 1955 // Italy // Michelangelo Antonioni Criterion Release Date: 7 Jun 2016 (LINK) Watching the fourth feature of Antonioni just reminded me how radical and transformative his later achievement in the 60s on modernistic cinema was. There are glimpses of Antonioni’s detached characteristics on human relationship, vacuous space and architecture, ferocious life of bourgeoisie in… Continue reading #817 Le amiche (1955)

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#792 Bitter Rice (1949)

#792 Bitter Rice 1949 // Italy // Giuseppe De Santis Criterion Release Date: January 12, 2016 (LINK) Before the monthly release announcement of Criterion, the name of the Italian director Giuseppe De Santis is unheard of in my limited knowledge. Nope, I haven’t heard of the film Bitter Rice neither. Besides Bitter Rice, there has been a small… Continue reading #792 Bitter Rice (1949)

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#236 Mamma Roma (1962)

#236 Mamma Roma 1962 // Italy // Pier Paolo Pasolini Criterion Release Date: Jun 22, 2004 (LINK) To coincide with the upcoming partial retrospective of Pier Paolo Pasolini films in Hong Kong as part of HKIFF Cine Fan Programme, I engage myself in viewing the infamously controversial director’s works that are included in the Criterion… Continue reading #236 Mamma Roma (1962)

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#202 Terminal Station / Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953)

Criterion Challenge #202 Terminal Station / Indiscretion of an American Wife   1953 // Italy, United States // Vittorio De Sica Criterion Release: Aug 19, 2003 Looking back to the productive and lustrous career of Vittorio De Sica, an Italian actor-turned-director, TERMINAL STATION was nothing but a mishap. A co-production between De Sica’s own company… Continue reading #202 Terminal Station / Indiscretion of an American Wife (1953)

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#228: Salvatore Giuliano (1961)

Criterion Challenge #228 Salvatore Giuliano   1961 // Italy Spine #228 Release: Feb 24, 2004 In the obituary published in Sight and Sound magazine shortly after the death of Francesco Rosi in January this year, the Italian director was described as the “Neapolitan portraitist of the Italian South and master of the cine-investigation”. This distinctively… Continue reading #228: Salvatore Giuliano (1961)