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3/10/2017 (Raúl Ruiz)

What I’ve been watching MUBI: City of Pirates (Raúl Ruiz, 1984) After the film ended, I immediately replayed it from the beginning, that’s how absorbed I was by this feverish dream; The word surrealism is too generalised and reductive for categorising this film, baroque, refracted reality, virtual space, distorted nightmare, magical realism, all words seem… Continue reading 3/10/2017 (Raúl Ruiz)

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#820 Fantastic Planet (1973)

#820 Fantastic Planet 1973 // France, Czechoslovakia // René Laloux   Criterion Release Date: 21 Jun 2016 (LINK) In a distant planet called Ygam, humans (a.k.a. Oms) are treated as either domestic pets (tamed Oms) or pests by the blue-skinned fin-ears giants Draags. A slaved child grows up to become part of a rebellion and save his… Continue reading #820 Fantastic Planet (1973)

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#459 The Exterminating Angel (1962)

#459 The Exterminating Angel 1962 // Mexico // Luis Buñuel Release: Feb 10, 2009 The man who introduced me to THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL was Woody Allen (by the surrogate of Owen Wilson) in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011). Oh man how much I wish to live in the 20s and 30s Paris and meet Buñuel, Dali, Hemingway and Picasso.… Continue reading #459 The Exterminating Angel (1962)