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Barry Lyndon (1975)

Barry Lyndon 1975 // UK, USA // Stanley Kubrick   Barry Lyndon is a film that requires to be watched in a big screen, not the big screen in a home theater set-up but the direct projection (film or digital) in the theater with a prevailing solemn atmosphere; it’s like admiring a vintage painting, you… Continue reading Barry Lyndon (1975)

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#197 Night And Fog (1955)

#197 Night And Fog 1955 // France // Alain Resnais   Criterion Release Date: 19 July 2016 (LINK) The renowned film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum once claimed Alain Resnais’s short documentary Night and Fog as “ the greatest film ever made about the concentration camps… Claude Lanzmann’s 1985 Shoah is so indebted to this film that it… Continue reading #197 Night And Fog (1955)

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#1: La Grande Illusion (1937)

Criterion Challenge #1 La Grande Illusion 1937 // France Spine #1 (Out-of-print) Release: Nov 23, 1999 So here we go, the very first spine number of the Criterion Collection DVD, and the start of my Criterion Challenge: collecting and reviewing every Criterion titles, probably every Criterion die-hard fans may get their hands on doing it one… Continue reading #1: La Grande Illusion (1937)