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The Serpent’s Egg (1977)

The Serpent’s Egg 1977 // Germany, USA // Ingmar Bergman The Serpent’s Egg has been considered as one of the weakest efforts amid Ingmar Bergman’s output, and perhaps best remembered as Bergman’s first film made outside Sweden during his exile due to the lawsuit of tax evasion in which Bergman eventually won the vindication at the… Continue reading The Serpent’s Egg (1977)

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Summary of Criterion Challenge Phase 01

My “Criterion Challenge Phase 01”  is ended with the acknowledgment of the Letter Never Sent. In order to have a quick look-back before indulging on the next set of films, I’m gonna credit the pictures, including associated casts and crews, with categories of “Best” awards. These are personal choices so feel free to object (or… Continue reading Summary of Criterion Challenge Phase 01

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#101: Cries and Whispers (1972)

#101 Cries and Whispers 1972 // Sweden // Ingmar Bergman   Crimson, a bloody red hue filled up the entire screen, just like the curtain before the opening in theaters. It draws the audience in, instead of being step by step, the film sucks and absorbed us immediately into the realm of the senses: agony, suffering,… Continue reading #101: Cries and Whispers (1972)