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#689 Trances (1981)

#689 Trances 1981 // Morocco // Ahmed El Maanouni Criterion Collection (LINK) Watching Trances, a documentary about the musical group Nass El Ghiwane, and listening to the featuring Moroccan music which I’m totally ignorant of alike my experience on the Cuban music in Buena Vista Spcial Club (1999), is an absolutely comforting experience. Directed by Ahmed El Maanouni, whose first… Continue reading #689 Trances (1981)

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#852 Black Girl (1966)

#852 Black Girl 1966 // Senegal, France // Ousmane Sembène Criterion Collection (LINK) Cinema is more than a hundred years old now, it has been used as a propaganda tools, representative voices of the oppressed and the minority, or simply as an escapist entertainment. Beyond the functionality, cinema also represents a nationality or a continuation of anthropology. Cinema, arts… Continue reading #852 Black Girl (1966)