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#858 Before Sunset (2004)

#858 Before Sunset 2004 // USA // Richard Linklater Criterion Collection (LINK) Is it nine years, or just a split of second from the end of Before Sunrise (1995) to the beginning of Before Sunset? For the two leads Ethan Hawk and Julie Delpy and the director Richard Linklater, it’s exactly nine years apart between the making… Continue reading #858 Before Sunset (2004)

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#502 Revanche (2008)

  Criterion Challenge #502 Revanche 2008 // Austria // Götz Spielmann Release: Feb 16, 2010 It’s intriguing to note that the Criterion Collection opted for releasing REVANCHE as the first and, up until now in 2015, the only Austrian production of film in the entire collection (DVD and Blu-ray). Except the earlier works from Michael Haneke (the… Continue reading #502 Revanche (2008)

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#780 Code Unknown

Criterion Challenge #780 Code Unknown 2000 // France // Michael Haneke Release: 10 Nov 2015 Breaking the Code Watching Michael Haneke films is a torture and a guilty pleasure, the pain it invoked is the “realization of human’s evil”, where else the pleasure is “learning to endure and cope with the irresistible evil”. Arguably, since no real happy… Continue reading #780 Code Unknown

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#779 Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Criterion Challenge #779 Mulholland Dr. 2001 // United States // David Lynch Spine #779 Release: Oct 27, 2015 “Are you watching a movie, or are you dreaming?” I heard my own voice asking just after my first trip to MULHOLLAND DRIVE years ago. The experience was hypnotic and confusing, my senses were aroused to an extent… Continue reading #779 Mulholland Dr. (2001)