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#878 Law of the Border (1966)

  #878 Law of the Border 1966 // Turkey // Lüfti Ö. Akad Criterion Collection (LINK) The Turkish film Law of the Border, restored by the World Cinema Foundation, has been rescued from perishment and now has the best possible quality it could have as it’s the only know copy to survive the Turkis Coup d’Etat in… Continue reading #878 Law of the Border (1966)

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#688 Dry Summer (1964)

#688 Dry Summer 1964 // Turkey // Metin Erksan Criterion Collection (LINK) My knowledge on Turkish cinema is largely based on the two worldly renowned figures, the contemporary auteur Nuri Bilge Ceylan and the veteran master Yilmaz Güney, apparently it’s far from comprehensive in the scope of time and quantity. So I’m particularly thankful for the restoration… Continue reading #688 Dry Summer (1964)